Royal Wedding April 29th 2011

We screened the Royal Wedding in the club on a large TV. An all day BBQ proved extremely popular. Jon St John performed for us during the afternoon and Hogwash performed in the evening. The day was a huge success and we would like to thank all who attended. 

     Official picture released by Buckingham Palace                          The first kiss of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

     Miss Katherine Middleton as was!                                              The club in all its glory, decorated for the occasion!

                                                                                                      Graham and Chris. On BBQ duty!

                            Anyone for Pimms? !!                                    The Best Family enjoying the outdoor area!

                               Jon St John                                                             Edna joins in for a duet!

               Nice hat Pauline! Very regal!                                 A selection of club members enjoying their day!


Hogwash video

Wedding dress rehersal (funny!)